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Helical Gears


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An example of parallel shaft application of helical gears.

Helical Gear paralled shaft example

Parallel shaft application of helical gears result in smoother action than spur gears because, the load is transferred uniformly and gradually as successive teeth come into play. They also reduce noise and vibration.

To substitute normal pitch helical gears for spur gears while maintaining center distances and ratio, proceed as follows: Select a diametral pitch finer than the spur gearing employed (called the new pitch) and divide the spur gear diametral pitch by the new pitch. This results in the cosine of the helix angle required.

Therefore the helix angle = 27 degrees 16 minutes and the diametral pitch in the plane of rotation remains 64. One would therefore employ a helical gear cut with a standard spur gear 72 pitch hob set to cut a helix angle of 27 degrees 16 minutes.

example of helical equation

It should be noted that parallel shaft engagement of helical gears require a pair of opposite hand gears. Conversely, gears of the same hand are used for right angle shaft engagement. The selection of hand may be determined by the required direction of thrust and usually depends on the location of thrust bearings.

Helical Gears

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PDF Files

Parallel and right angle shaft examples can be located in the Nordex Design Guide.

48 Pitch .1873 Bore
48 Pitch .2498 Bore
64 Pitch .1248 Bore
64 Pitch .1873 Bore

Right Angle Shaft Example

right angle shaft example of Nordex' Helical gear

Right or Left Hand

Helical Gears - 45 degree helix angle 20 degree pressure angle AMGA quality 10

Nordex' 45 degree helix angle helical gear

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